Henschel Coating & Laminating
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New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151
Ph: (262) 786-1750
Henschel offers a wide range of coating designed to meet specific needs for versatile protection as well as attractive decoration.

Blister-seal coatings – Special coatings are available for sealing blisters made from PVC, polystyrene, acetate or polyethylene. Sample coating test can be made with your own blister material.

Skin pack – A lower-temperature sealing coating for use with PVC skin film. (Please check for suitability on equipment chosen for sealing.

Technical Requirements:
  UV Coating Spot UV Other Coating
Maximum sheet size 63" x 63" 44½" x 33½" 54" x 77"
Minimum sheet size 12" x 12" 14" x 18" 12" x 12"
Minimum weight 70lb 70lb 70lb

Paper and Board – The quality of finish is obtained from coated paper or board with smooth surfaces and superior ink holdout. Blister board is preferred for best results with sealable coatings. We coat only coated paper or board with the exception of skin packaging.

Sheets should be flat, free from creases or distortion and have a moisture content which is stable in the expected environment (50-55% R.H.).

Inks – Choose inks that are suitably formulated for coating, wax free and contain solvent resistant pigments. Metallic inks offer poor adhesion of the coating to the printed surface. Inks with Reflex Blue, Rhodamine Red or PMS purple can bleed and should not be used if sheets are to be coated.

Gripper – A gripper allowance of ½" is required; varnish can be applied to 3/8" from the other three edges of the sheet. Spot UV coating requires a ½" gripper.